Pigeon Lake Farm (affectionately known as the Family Farm) was purchased in 1852 by Thomas Brown, Leslie’s great-grandfather. Our farm stretched from the current lot to Kipling’s rock, in what is now Carver. It began as a fruit farm growing walnuts, apples, pears, and wild cherries which were taken to the city by a horse-drawn wagon and sold.

Leslie’s grandmother, Ruth, one of 5 children, inherited the easternmost lot next to Pidgeon Lake. During her life she asked that the farm eventually pass to Leslie. In 1999, her wish became reality. Though the farm has not been in full production for nearly 100 years, it has continued to provide hay for area horse owners, food from a small garden for the Carson and Arbuckle families, and apples for the deer and the soil beneath the trees.

Slowly over the past 13 years our family (the Arbuckle’s) have been expanding our production of food. Finding satisfaction in the success of a simple garden and raising chickens for eggs, we’ve slowly expanded to turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner, rabbits for meat, ducks, geese, bees, and sheep.

The passion Ruth had for the land continues with our family. We strive to live more sustainably. We like to know what is in our food, that it is free from hormones and antibiotics, and as natural as possible.

We look forward to our first productive year in farming – and sharing the experience and rewards with you.

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