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01st Dec 2015

New Chicks!

Hearing those first little peeps coming from our incubator never gets old. We hatched seven chicks in mid-November. They will be ready as fryers in late-February or early-March. Right now they’re staying...

29th Nov 2015

Changes on the Farm

Starting a small family farm with minimal experience leads to a whole lot of learning on the fly. After several years of challenges raising sheep, and pressures from tax regulations regarding...

25th Feb 2015

Email From a Satisfied Customer

Dear Don, Thanks for the chicken. We made a Peruvian Chicken soup yesterday and it was one of the best tasting chicken that I ever had. I should have gotten...

03rd Nov 2014

Rabbit Meat Benefit Facts

Rabbit meat use to be a common feature on the dinner plates of the average American and is becoming popular once again. Why chose rabbit meat? Economical : The ratio of meat to...

08th Feb 2014

February Snow Event

  We are experiencing a nice snow event here on the farm. It has been snowing for three days  and all the animals are doing well. We have to go...

08th Feb 2014

Hatching Chicks

One of the best things on a farm is the birth of an animal.  Luckily for us, the animals can pretty much take care of things on their own. Usually,...

12th Jan 2014

The Death of a Hive

We have some sad news on the bee front. Don has checked the bees over and over again throughout this cold winter, only to find, just a few days ago,...

12th Jan 2014

Balancing Free Range Chickens with Protection from Predators

There are two conflicting values that we have at Pigeon Lake Farm. We want our chickens to have the run of the property and we want our chickens to be...