Our flock of layer chickens is made up of mostly Orpingtons with a few Rhode Island Reds thrown in. These ladies and their rooster, Cogburn, are responsible for eggs and chick production.

We have a flock of ducks with Rouen and Muscovy, and a pair of Toulouse geese.  

Muscovy Ducks    Muscovy Duck2


Joe and Max are our male rabbits.  They keep company with Kat, Bella, Blaze and Buffy, who provide us with healthy, delicious meat rabbits.

Bunnies   Rabbits



The meat chickens come from our layers. They live out in a chicken tractor so they can eat organic grass and any unlucky critter wandering by.

Our honeybees are a mixed breed, purchased locally. They enjoy the many varieties of wild flowers that grow on the farm. Their honey is packed raw, and is rich, sweet, and delicious.

This year we have a flock of heritage turkeys. These are turkeys that have not been bred to have extra meat on their breast. This means they are tastier, healthier and they will be able to breed naturally, unlike the broad breasted turkeys sold at the grocery store, which are so heavy they need help from humans to reproduce. Our turkeys also live in tractors and have access to grass and bugs.

Narragansett Turkey   Bourbon Red Turkey

FUTURE RESIDENCE___________________________________________________


We hope to be able to start breeding pigeons. This dream is a little further off. We still have lots to learn about the animals we have now, but what is Pigeon Lake Farm without pigeons!

Even further in the future, we would like to have pigs. Because who doesn’t love bacon?

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