Meet your Farmers

Don was born in Chicago and moved to California as a young teen. He met Leslie in his junior year of high school. He joined the Air Force right out of high school and served 20 years as a firefighter for before retiring. Now he shares in the daily farm chores and is honing his craft as a wood worker.

Leslie was born and raised in California. She and Don married one year after she graduated from high school. Leslie is an early childhood education educator and works with children and families experiencing poverty. She supports the farm in contributing to daily farm chores, tends the garden and schedules (at least as far as nature will allow) the reproduction/incubation of the rabbits and chickens.

Leslie and Don have two daughters, Andrea and Kristen. They have one grandson named Oliver, son of Andrea and Nate. Kristen, Don and Leslie’s youngest daughter, will be marrying Steve this July on the farm.

KristenSteve_web AndreaNateOliver_web

Kristen, Steve, Andrea and Nate all help out on the farm. They often contribute to picking the vegetables, helping clear tree debris, caring for the animals, and assisting in the dispatching and cleaning of rabbits, chickens and turkeys. Oliver, nearly four now, is growing up learning the ins and outs of sustainable living and farm life.

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