Balancing Free Range Chickens with Protection from Predators


There are two conflicting values that we have at Pigeon Lake Farm. We want our chickens to have the run of the property and we want our chickens to be safe. We definitely have our fair share of chicken eating beasts; raccoons, hawks, and coyotes.

We made a chicken tractor but I still felt the chickens didn’t have enough freedom, and moving it often enough to ensure they have plenty of food is a daily chore, so I decided to let them out during the day. When I first started this article we only had two losses to predators. But now, as I edit it, 11 of chickens are gone.

So the only solution is to move the tractor every day so that the chickens have plenty of fresh grass and bugs to eat and they’re safe from predators. A turkey tractor is in the works. Lessons learned from the chicken tractor mean that this one will be much bigger!




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