New Chicks!

Hearing those first little peeps coming from our incubator never gets old. We hatched seven chicks in mid-November. They will be ready as fryers in late-February or early-March. Right now they’re staying warm under a heat lamp in the chicken house until they’re big enough to go outdoors to the chicken tractor. There they’ll be moved around the farm in order to eat bits of vegetation and any unlucky bug that passes by.

Interested in purchasing from this batch of Orpingtons?

Prices are as follows:

0-2 weeks old : $4.00
3-5 weeks old : $6.00
6-8 weeks old : $8.00
9-12 weeks old : $10.00

Broilers, Fryers, & Roasters are $3.75 / lb
Processing is available at no extra charge.





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